Lagu ketiga ciptaan Abah Erza & VoB pertama kali dibawakan langsung di hadapan publik di event ini (Road To Super Rendezvous – Pantai Sajang Heulang)

The 3rd original song by Abah Erza & VoB was performed live for the 1st time at this event (Road to Super Rendezvous at Sajang Heulang Beach)

Live at Road to Super Rendezvous

Pantai Sayang Heulang Pameungpeuk – Garut The Enemy Of Earth Is You (Song by Abah Erza & VoB)

The enemy of earth is you.

Poison of peace is you (yes you are the great enemy)

Who always hide the guilty like the right man show up (yes you are the real enemy, who always talk about humanity) Whereas you build asperity desire satisfying Rap: You’re entertaining the virginity of beach, save out the beauty of lake Take the fucking picture on the top of the mountain and then say to people “hey, let’s climb it, build the paradise memorable moment in here” Coda: You say “peace the world”. You say “love the earth”. You say respect about right life But you breaking all. But you making war 2x Chorus: The enemy of earth is you. Poison of peace is you. (The destroyer of life is you, the killer of world is you) 2x Yes, you’re stupid enemy! (Who always be the inspiration of the destroyer nation) Rap: You’re the creator of hate-speech, who always make the ugly people feeling bitch The corrupt government who kill the bright dream of children The scoundrel artist who bring the young generation jump to the hell, to the dark and to the end of world (back to coda) (back to chorus) Voice Of Baceprot is Firda Kurnia (vocals & guitars, born in 2000) Euis Siti Aisah (drums, born in 2000) Widi Rahmawati (bass, born in 2001) We come from Banjarwangi, Garut (West Java – Indonesia)

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